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31 May 2007 @ 04:12 pm
snapshots of our lives.  

Status: Complete.
Fandoms: Supernatural/Grey’s Anatomy xover.
Rating: R.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Isobel Stevens, Sam Winchester, among others

Pairings: Dean/Izzie
Summary: Just when she comes to grips about how the real life is supposed to be, a box opens another whole world she forgot. Will she return or close it back again?

Disclaimer: My empty pockets tell the tale.

Warnings: Smutty sex, mangling of the timelines (I did my best), and possible grammar mistakes—unbetaed.

Word Count: Just over 8,000 words.

Author's Note: Well, I posted this yesterday after the whole LJ-thing, and it looks like it's died down... so, flocked this, but my journal is public now. Enjoy.

A box had fallen, a key to a world she had locked in the past.