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Welcome to dean_izzie, the first community dedicated to the crossover ship, Dean Winchester/Izzie Stevens (Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy). We're here to bring all fans of the two characters together for fanfiction, fanart, discussion, and anything else that relates to these two characters.
+ You will need to join to be able to post.
+ Respect all members.
+ Spoilers should be posted behind a cut.
+ Any episode discussions are to be kept in your own journal.
+ Don't sit on the sidelines. Dean/Izzie is a fairly new 'ship and needs all the support it can get.
+ Please tag all entries. If you need a tag created, ask here.
+ No bashing of the actors or characters.
+ Our info post is there for questions or affliate asking. Please do not make an entry asking a question.
+ Feel free to introduce yourself.
+ Please pimp out dean_izzie. =D
Fan Fiction.
+ All entry headers should be clearly labeled as "Fic: -".
+ Use a LJ-Cut.
+ You may link your fanfiction to your journal.
+ Use the following submission form to post fanfictions.

+ Please make sure all fanfiction isn't offensive.
+ Please spellcheck and tidy up your work before posting. We'll soon be creating an archive for the stories submitted here.
+ Story banners are to be kept behind a cut, unless if they're small then they can be outside of the cut.
+ Post your stories here.
+ Please make sure your entries are neat. We ask that if you post fanfiction, that you bold the outline (hence for it already being bolded in the above template).
+ All fanart is to be submitted behind a cut.
+ Icon posts are to be either linked to another journal or behind a cut. You may, however, tease us with three examples above the cut.
+ All fanart is to not be offensive.
+ We don't permit stealing, so please comment if you're taking something.
+ Post your fanart, not someone else's.
+ We're open for discussion entries of any sort, as long as they're about Dean Winchester and Izzie Stevens.
+ No spoilers; if you have any spoilers, please place them behind a cut (although we suggest you don't post them at all if it's only for one of the shows in general).
+ Discussions aren't for advertising spoilers about the shows; they're for discussing possible AU points in an episode where these two characters could possibly meet.
+ Please respect everyone's opinion. If you have an issue with a member, please contact bluesunsets via email, clearly labelling the subject: "Dean/Izzie Shipper Comm.: Member Issue." Don't abuse this.
+ The fanvid must contain Dean Winchester and Izzie Stevens.
+ No offensive material.
+ It must be yours.
+ Fanvids can be posted on youtube or whichever host you've chosen.
+ If you need a tag added to our list, please ask here.
+ Our tags are not optional; please tag your entry with the appropriate tag.
+ You may ask for a story tag if only your story is chaptered.
+ Everyone will get a "user:-" tag, all you have to do is ask for one.
+ When tagging fanfiction, please apply your "user:-", the "fanfiction" tag and the rating (it'll most likely be a "-rating").
+ If you'd like to be an affliate, post here.

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